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Everything you need to rent your camp, hotel or hostel

Get a special team that sets up your property management solution and builds you a new website, too. One stop shop for zero hassle.

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SWEN is an intuitive PMS where you can handle all of your reservations, pricing, cleaning schedules and much more. All in one place!


BORNFIGHT STUDIO is an award-winning studio that makes custom websites, fitted to your needs and compatible with SWEN’s booking engine.


With SWEN’s booking engine, your guests can easily make direct reservations, making you less dependant on third-party booking platforms.


Your incoming reservations from other booking platforms will be synchronised with SWEN, giving you a single point of use for all channels.

If you want to make your booking more efficient, why don’t we jump on a call?

scope of work

What kind ofaccommodation  doyou offer?

campsite / glamping

  • €10.000+
  • 5+ weeks

SWEN’s original design is based on a custom solution for a camping management system which knows how to turn complex tasks into simple ones.

boutique hotel

  • €25.000+
  • 6+ weeks

BFS has a history of producing websites in hospitality that blend a beautiful presentation and generate conversions.

hotel chain

  • €40.000+
  • 8+ weeks

Our experience in working with major hotel chains gives us the advantage with large systems management and providing appropriate integrations.

If you want an exact estimate for your property, feel free to contact us.

What you are probably thinking

How much does this cost?

Depending on the project, SWEN’s implementation starts from 5€ per unit, whereas website production starts from 60€ / hour for custom solutions.

Why would change a system that works just fine?

It makes property management 5x faster, saving you the time & money to handle your business.

How much time will this take?

It usually takes several weeks to set up SWEN and develop a website, depending on the scope.

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OK, you get the picturelet’s talk business.


Names or industries don’t matter to us. any project is attractive if you make it such. our ideal task is to do extraordinary work, regardless of the industry.


In our experience, best results come with full control of the project. having 5 different agencies each doing their own thing is usually time consuming & costly. but it’s not a dealbreaker by any means.


Our team is versatile enough to take care of all aspects of branding & web production so that’s the type of work we’re after.


A clear goal & some trust. a productive feedback & decisiveness. not much more.